About Aerdenburgh

Aerdenburgh Group of Companies, based in Haarlem, is an investor who invests in the long term, preferably with a high level of quality is pursued. In addition, the Organization attaches great importance to an open relationship with the tenants, for which real estate in own management professionally exploit. This means that sustainable quality for any interested party is ensured.

The investment portfolio include mainly shops, homes and offices. In short, everything that has to do with living, working and shopping, the three W’s that are part of our lives. However, a clear emphasis on the last W; shopping. The large rural retail chains to the tenants and maintains good relations with these partners Aerdenburgh. The goal is to get the maximum from locations.

Aerdenburgh specialty of Aerdenburgh is Undisputed monumental buildings Monuments. Aerdenburgh sees it as a challenge from bygone times striking, monumental buildings and an appropriate restoration, new destination.

Aerdenburgh Monuments often sees surprising opportunities for characteristic atmosphere heritage, from the idea that a historical context as workplace, shop or office space or housing a added value should not be underestimated.

Hire Aerdenburgh Rental is an active rental broker who specializes in renting and hiring of rental housing in the region of Haarlem, Amsterdam and Alkmaar. For both the tenant and landlord we take the entire mediation process off your hands.

We work closely with the so-called expats who (mostly) temporarily are looking for a rental property.

Aerdenburgh Rental is part of Aerdenburgh Holding B.V. and has a growing portfolio of rental properties real estate.

Our rental team consists of enthusiastic and experienced staff where you may expect an optimal opinion of.

Aerdenburgh Rental is located in Haarlem. You are welcome here on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9: 00 to 17: 30 hours. On other days we work by appointment. We are reachable by telephone on 023-5716557 method if you have an Appointment that has aroused your interest rent has seen you can make an appointment for a visit.

Tour Aerdenburgh Rental would like to with you the homes tour. Our goal is to provide the best possible service in the search for the right home.

Match if you rent the right has found and you want to proceed to hiring the property than in your command will mediate with the owner. Aerdenburgh Rental proposes to you on the basis of the surrendered antecedents to the owner or administrator of the property. When the owner agreement is with you as new tenant, we propose on the rental agreement. this Agreement shall be discussed with tenant and landlord.

Key transfer you will receive the keys after the lease is signed and after the conciliation fee (usually equal to one (1) month’s rent, excluding VAT) and any contract cost is paid to Aerdenburgh Rental. The key transfer usually takes place at the House. There will be a report on the State of the housing maintenance. This report is used when you are leaving the House again.